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Specialist Book Repair and Book Restoration Services

Catering to collectors, book dealers, institutions and those with a cherished book, album or Bible in need of repair.

As long as your book still retains both of its covers (attached or detached), it can be repaired. If your book has loose or detached pages, they can be re-inserted. If the text block is in pieces, the pages can be sewn back together before your book is repaired.

Leather Book Repair

Leather bound books can become weak at the hinges of the front and back covers. This is where the leather covering is at its thinnest.  The book’s hinges can start to split. One or both covers can become detached and headcaps can become vulnerable. I can repair damaged book spines, reback your book or repair localised areas. Read more about repairs to Leather Books »

Cloth Book Repair

Over many years, the covering material of cloth bound books can perish and wear thin. The hinges start to split. Eventually one or both covers become detached. When the covers detach, the spine tends to come away too. I can repair spines and recase cloth bound books. Find out more about repairing Cloth Books »

Family Bible Repair & Bible Restoration

Over time, heavy usage, poor storage, periods spent in acidic or dry environments can take their toll. I offer a complete Family Bible restoration service. This includes repairing torn or creased pages, re- attaching pages which have become detached, refurbishment or replacement of the spine and endpaper restoration or replacement. Find out more about Bible Restoration »

Other Book Restoration Services

In addition to book restoration services I offer the following: