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Book Restoration & Bible Repair

Book & Bible Restoration Services

I am an experienced bookbinder specialising in the restoration and repair of antiquarian and collectable books.

I restore books bound in leather, cloth, paper and vellum.

In addition, I repair family Bibles, photograph albums and cherished books of historical or sentimental value.


Repair to damaged books

Books are often treasured possessions.

A damaged book cannot easily be read or handled without causing further damage.

As long as a book still has both of its covers (attached or detached), it can usually be repaired.

My aim is to return your book to you in a condition where it can be used and handled with confidence.

All of the books that I restore are repaired sympathetically. I re-use as much as possible of the original binding and always try to retain a book’s aesthetic feel. My belief is that an old book should still look ‘old’ after it has been repaired. 

Read more about how I restore leather or cloth-bound books or see past examples of my work.

Read more detailed descriptions of some of my book restoration projects in my Recent Projects area.

Family Bible repair

I restore leather-bound family Bibles as well as Bibles that are cherished or used by their owners. My techniques conserve what are often important family heirlooms for future generations.

Read more about my Bible restoration services.

Book Restoration Cost

In general, the book repair cost for a cloth-bound volume of  ‘hardback’ size or smaller starts at around £180. The price rises for leather-bound and larger books and more complex book repairs. The family Bible repair cost starts at around £400 with more complex repairs averaging between around £500-£600.

Get a quote for book repair

I offer an online quotation service or you can arrange to visit in-person with your book:

Online book repair quote with postal service

I can assess the likely cost of repairing your book from a good set of photographs. You can send these to me by attaching them to an email. You can see some examples of the sort of photographs I need to see on my Get a Quote page. If you decide to proceed with a repair, we can arrange for you to post your book to me. Once repaired, I will return it to you via a tracked postal service.

Visit in person

You are welcome to arrange to visit me in person with your book. Once I can see your book, I can give you a firm price quotation straight away. You will be under no obligation to commission any work unless you wish to.

If you would like to discuss a possible book repair, please feel welcome to contact me by phone or email.

Michael Sassen – Book Restorer